Monday, April 14, 2008

there is a very good article regarding proposed athirapally hydel dam in which this blog has tracked extensively. a fake project that encompasses all that is wrong about development in india is athirapally hydel dam and the shocking thing is that progressive kerala chooses to self destruct itself by abusing its vital environment.

a crucial and abused chalakudy river, lakhs of lakhs of tourists generating vital ecotourism revenue every year, a totally fake EIA report on which the dam is being bulldozed ahead, local people against the destructive project - you name it and this project has all about it to give the stamp of fake development.

and the worst thing is that the government is headed by the main communist party of india which is behaving worst than a capitalist party is at power. the conclusion of this fake development is that when money is in play there is no difference amongst politicians and their policies.


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