Saturday, April 12, 2008

2 quotes, one shocking and one how digressive about modern india and those 2 quotes coming from seasoned politicians.

"those who say market growth is irrelevant and it only helps the rich are the worst enemies of the poor. they only want us to distribute poverty in this country"
-p.chidambaram aka p.c

when you get boxed into a corner everybody is your enemy. in movies the angry man in amitabh, in rajinikanth, in chiranjeevi all have played this quote. and our honorable p.c is also playing the same quote.

who told market growth is irrelevant. nobody. all we are saying is equitable growth. growth that is inclusive and growth that is distributable. we don't want crazy and fake SEZ growth. we don't want fake dams growth. we don't want massive mining growth, we don't want economic policies that aid only a select few.

the sooner that educated people like p.c understands this, the better it will be.

"i like tests. i belong to that generation. when the one dayers started we said, what's this nonsense" -sharad pawar, one of the senior most politician in india.

i have never seen a good statement or policy on agriculture from sharadji. infact he is the agriculture minister. if you take a poll in india and ask who is your agri minister, 99% won't know the answer. but in the same poll if you ask you who is your cricket minister, 99% will tell it is sharadji.

sad but true. when farmers in tens of thousands have committed suicide, agriculture growth stunned all over india, escalating food costs throwing inflation haywire, false wheat import policies adding to burden, and many more issues, our agri minister is busy full time in cricket.

mark this blog. this government in coming november 2008 elections will bite the dust. it has politicians and policy makers ignoring majority of india and running a minority of india.


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