Saturday, April 05, 2008

as tamilnadu and karnataka show their fists over cauvery at hogenekal, nobody cares about cauvery at mettur which gets a good dose of pollution in mettur, another news has come.

news for many of us and old news for people who are facing the brunt of pollution in cauvery.

an illegal coal power thermal plant in the banks of cauvery being constructed by the mega multi crore sanmar groups chemplast company.

and the funny fact, yep these things are funny in india because it happens so regularly, is that no environment impact assessment seemed to have be done and no approvals were obtained for this coal power plant.

way to go india. way to develop. illegal, fraud, fake are the words that has no meaning when it comes to making money on the backs of india's rivers, forests, wildlife, tribals and environment.

at this rate why 10% gdp, india can even achieve 100% gdp!!!

the famous says goes as follows.
Until the last tree is cut;
Until the last river is dry;
Until the last fish is caught;
Until the last animal is killed;
Man will not realise that he cannot eat money.

but we indians can easily rewrite the above as
we will cut the last tree,
we will pollute every river
we will kill the last fish
and we will destroy last animal
we don't have water but we dont care
we don't have good air to breath,]
breath not we will
we need money and we will do anything


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