Friday, March 28, 2008

nancy pelosi is a smart lady. she has stormed the ultra charging male batsion of washington and is ruling at the peak of nasty politics of washington corridors.

but she is also a smart lady knowing what to tell when when it comes to issues. i would like to quote her

“Speaking for myself, I would say if freedom-loving people throughout the world do not speak out against China’s oppression in Tibet, we have lost our moral authority to speak on behalf of human rights anywhere in the world.”"


does not pelosi realize that america won't do what it won't do. in rwanda, in darfur, in burma, now in tibet and its own unwanted war in iraq, america has LOST its position as champion of human rights.

of course yes, america still has small space for refugees as and when crisis happens but it will let happen the crisis and it will keep its mouth shut.

in china, america stake is huge. china consumers are so big that american administration will close its mouth with duct tape when it comes to human rights.

let me get one thing straight. american people are one of the nicest friendliest people in the world. but they have been fed with ultra cheap chinese goods, they don't simply have the interest to pressurize the american administration to pressurise the chinese and american companies are so big in china and their lobby is so effective, america just does not care about human rights. not in tibet but anywhere in the world.

of course yes, american politicians like pelosi will give nice words when they tour. but that's the end of it. with a massive china military might in its borders, has been virutally handcuffed into parroting china on tibet. add to that india's own 'development' craze, india's politicians have easily forgotten that human rights even exists for its own people.

what america won't do, it shouldn't speak. if pelosi realizes this soon, it will be better for all so that false hopes can be avoided for america has ceased to be the country of hope long back with the crowning jewel coming from its ill fated iraq war.

and shall we say even need to say to pelosi that america has long lost its moral authority to speak for human rights oppression?


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