Friday, March 14, 2008

gujarat pollution control board has issued closure notice to mega companies for polluting. some of the companies as per hindu businessline report are in below para

The companies include pharmaceutical majors such as Cadila Pharmaceutical Ltd, Wokhardt Ltd, Sun Pharma Ltd, textile units such as Narendra Textile Ltd, and chemicals majors such as Meghmani Organics Ltd, J.B. Chemicals and Amsal Chemicals Ltd, GPCB sources told Business Line here.

and funnily (what else to say!!!), some of the companies has been ordered closure already!!!!
This time, it’s mostly the large companies that have been ordered closure. Some of these companies were ordered closure more than twice in the past.

welcome to india ladies and gentlemen. indira gandhi once called poverty as india's worst pollution. nope. now pollution is the worst creator of poverty destroying india's agriculture, rivers, wetlands, breathing air and what not.

it is time to put these mega companies to task and ask them to install world class pollution control production systems and process. let shareholder take a small hit in their profit. let india breathe clean air and drink fresh water. a small percentage of profits being invested in ultra modern pollution control methods is not a big penalty. failing which, these companies has to definitely close. because for murder like abuse of our environment, nothing else will enough.


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