Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"You are all working overtime to finish democracy", - thus spake our honorable lok sabha speaker.

members of the distinguished lok sabha felt that farmers of india are not getting their due and hence were protesting in the well of the house. i am not sure why suddenly our lok sabha members got excited about the sad situation of india's farmers.

when farmer's homes were submerged by a screwed many screwed up dams, there were no protests.
when farmer's were and are kicked in the stomach in name of fake SEZ's, there were no protests.
when farmer's suicide started mounting in thousands and thousands all across india, there were no protests.
when 'development' was the only mantra and all other things including agriculture is in dustbin, there were no protests.

but the speaker is right though. but he same time wrong. for he either does not know or does not show that india's democracy is already finished.

when farmers were ruthlessly crushed in narmada,
when farmers were brutally put down in singur, nandigram
when tribals were stomped out in kalinganagar,
when marginalised people are polluted in hell industrial zones across india,
and in many other instances, india's democracy has long been dead.

now democracy in india caters to the industrialists, urban elite and politicians who are working in joyful abandon touting 10% gdp growth that benefits only the few rather than real sustainable development.


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