Thursday, February 21, 2008

hindu headline screamed "Advani promises new GDP".

i was like vow. atlast the leader of the opposition, of a party whose track record on human rights is not to be told, has woken up and is going to propose a new kind of development strategy - i thought.

i was like hmmm. can he bring in the real change if his party, whose major contributions last time was the brutal gujarat genocide and the fake india shining slogan, do the correct thing - i was piqued.

i was like ahhh. can he bring real change when his own party has kicked out tens of thousands of people for the fake narmada dam.

but after reading the report, i was like 'aha, here is the usual talk ofcourse in a new bottle'.

and in para he is serious,
“How can we tolerate this reality? We cannot and must not. The BJP and the NDA certainly will not. We shall take bold and innovative measures to ensure that wealth is distributed across regions and across social class,” he said.

and in next para he is so dangerously funny, that he calls the genocide tainted gujarat government as an example.
This resolve, he said, had been strengthened by Narendra Modi’s spectacular victory in Gujarat that has signalled the triumph of good governance, development and security over the politics of vote-banks.

the same government in gujarat that is royally screwing up its coastline by approving massive sez'z, that is killing democracy by bringing in fake unsustainable projects is an example?

hey ram. oh allah. ha jesus. - nope, none of them can save us from this kind of talk that has no substance. we need to look beyond the present government, beyond the opposition party for some saner voice to come in and deliver genuine leadership.


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