Thursday, February 14, 2008

toxic links is the ngo that works on the toxicity part of development. if you will, they work on pollution, pesticide pollution, toxics, ewaste, hospital waste, urban wastage, etc.

as one of the very early voices against toxicity in india, they are leading ngo's. as part of their work they reach out on various issues, analyzing the issue and even providing solutions or paths in which the issue can be addressed.

needless, to say they have no place in the 'development' of india or the 'growth' of india's poor industrialists. and on the way, they have also brushed by speaking the truth and bringing out the facts and have a few feathers.

i want to quote from the report the 2 below para's.

These environmentalists are a threat to the nation’s food security and enhanced earnings for farmers, said Raju Shroff, chairman of the Mumbai-based United Phosphorous Limited.

S. Ganeshan, spokesman of Endosulfan Manufacturers and Formulators association, said the NGO’s action had a negative impact on the manufacture of agrochemicals.

very funny. whether to laugh or cry depends on you. on the same angle you might want read about the endosulfan victims in kerala still struggling to meet their basic needs due to the slam-bam on their health due to endosulfan spraying.

of course, these industrialists are in no way a threat to the millions of rural marginalised people and crucial ecosystems at all!!!! we don't play the same coin that these lobby groups play. for when you point out the facts, the facts play for themselves.

india's movies has lot of comedians. india's industries has a lot of comedians too. the difference is, in the former, you can laugh and be happy. in the latter, if you laugh and speak out the truth, you will be thrown in jail.


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