Monday, February 11, 2008

capitalism is important for development, thus spoke our beloved communist.

"nope", did not say we.

capitalism, just like socialism, is needed for any economy if the people who live under that economy wants to survive.

"nope", did say we, when the same capitalism becomes extreme making the likes of our orissa chief minister, our own beloved communist chief minister and many others nothing but politicial brokers.

when capitalism can be merged with socialism, when capitalism can be inclusive, when capitalism is not cheap for capitalists, when capitalism is not polluting but green, when capitalism is not just 2000% about enhancing share holder value, when capitalism makes the land owners also capitalits - we all can agree with our beloved communist leader of west bengal and also his fellow not-so-left comrades of his own party.

unfortunately, the capitalism we are seeing in india pertains to fake development. the capitalism of india has many characters. notable among them being - businessmen and urban upper class elite alone make a killing of money on the backs of rural poor -thrives on land grab -easy pollution by starting red tag industries kicked out by west -fake and abusive eia's, etc.

we welcome capitalism that is clean. for dirty capitalism let it stay in germany, uk, france and america. you know what the capitalism they have is clean but the capitalism that they export and the one's we import is dirty.

which one we want? clean and compassionate capitalism in which state plays its social role correctly or dirty and brutal capitalism in which state is nothing but a cheap power broker?


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