Tuesday, January 29, 2008

our concern is inflation. thus spoke our learned and honorable finance minister. and he spoke some more too which is below and this below speech has not been spoken even for a while even as the finance minister, the planning commission chairman and the prime minister bulldozes across rural india uprooting people in name of SEZ, mines, dams and what not.

let's see the speech for a moment though.

"Our concern is inflation. We have a large number of poor people in India who don't feel anything about growth. Their main concern is inflation. Our main concern is to moderate inflation without affecting growth," Chidambaram told CNBC-TV18 in an exclusive interview in Davos.

and the location is davos. that's the irony. he could have made this speech in a village in gujarat or in tamilnadu or in impoverished bihar and he could have followed up his speech with a plan on how to make sure the growth is inclusive, the growth is non destructive, the growth does not benefit only the few but also reaches out to the vast majority.

right from his native tamilnadu to gujarat onto sikkim and onto jammu & kashmir, all environmental pillars and rural ecosystems are being torn apart and fed into the devil called sponge iron industries, SEZ's, textile industries, mining, etc and we have the same finance minister who is guiding these programs in the relentless pursuit of gdp growth talking about 'poor people' in the western davos.

poor indeed are the poor people who cannot hear our poor finance minister talk about them. very poor perhaps.


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