Thursday, January 24, 2008

where are we as a nation. where are we as people. where are we as support and healing mechanisms. where are we in terms of equality and inclusive growth.

nowhere. nada. nip. zero. zilch.

india as nation can add the above n's and z's suffixes.

and a major reason for this zeroness is the fact that our elected politicians have been turned into easy brokers and middlemen by our struggling big mega industries and their lobbies.

so only as the brilliant editorial of sunita narain points out our industrialization is cheap and dirty and it will not work. it will not work for india as a whole. it will not work for our 700 million odd marginalised poor people. it will not work for our vital ecosystems.

the fact that india's poor and tribal lands are snatched, their homes bulldozed, their stomachs and chests kicked violently is not development has to be understood by one and all. and this understanding has to be on the very top on the mind of our urban elite because they are one's who are driving this development by their 'devil may care but i want all' attitude.

till we change the attitude, the kalinganagar's, the tuticorin's, the narmada's, the athirapally's, the brutal bhopals, the eloors, cuddalores, etc will keep on happening inflicting huge damage to the concept called india, a concept that legends such as mahatma gandhi dreamed of and whose dream is in now in tatters.


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