Wednesday, January 09, 2008

voww....what happens when a learned judge belonging to the forest bench of supreme court thrashes environment and forests and tells that green currency is more important than green cover, things are indeed bleak for india.

when it comes to environment, the awareness among indians is very low. so low that they have seen beaches, forests and rivers only in movies, so low that most of the city urban elite do not know where their piped water comes from or their sewage goes to, so low that even a learned judge can trash the crucial ecological thoughts.

when it comes to environmental justice, as a judge, he or she needs to go by law and take a stand as per the law and decide on a case. but when the judge goes by 'development' and 'growth', that is super fake in india, then what we get is a trashing for environment.

and going to the extreme the judge tells that in majority of forests only cows and dogs. does he know why cows and dogs are present. why not wildlife and a thriving green cover that can be managed by local people and benefiting them. why not a viable conservation and livelihood wherein forests and local communities can thrive. oh yes, i know why. when forests are healthy and local communities benefit from them, then there is no role for industries to come and mine, to come and destroy the ecosystem and no role for judges, prime ministers, politicians, urban elites and media to take about '10% gdp growth' or 'super development of india'.

how sad. can it go more sadder.


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