Friday, January 04, 2008

india biodiversity, like any other country's biodiversity is a crucial resource. the forests, plants, trees, shrubs, medicinal herbs and many parts of the ecosystem is in dire need of protection in a populous country like india.

for the same reason india signed the biodiversity convention in 1992 and then passed several acts to reinforce the biodiversity. but as kanchi kohli's article points out, this remains only on paper whereas in reality, the protection does not even exist.

development and biodiversity should go hand in hand giving sustainable combo to the growth paradigm. but we wont do that because we believe in magic 10% gdp growth rather than anything else including drinking water, clean rivers, healthy forests and breathable air.

january comes and goes every year but india's forests, rivers and ecosystem is not able to chase away the january blues for 12 months of any year.


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