Friday, December 21, 2007

we have our commerce minister turned SEZ minister turned global antiwarming minister turned politician. yep, it is not the other way around in which you will have politician turned minister.

why because he has turned his politician and elected officer role on its head and became an industry middlemen ranging against everybody who speaks of an alternate view of 'development'.

when SEZ's came bulldozing, he was there loud and clear that people has to sacrifice, when GAP Inc was using child labour or was culpable of neglecting labour conditions in its subsidiary he was telling that India is being robbed of jobs, when we talk about global warming he is saying it 'threatens' the growth of india.

he says india and china is being pressurised to control on emissions when america is acting with gay abandon ignoring its huge emissions. very valid point. what should be the reaction of india which will get slammed (and already getting slammed) by the effects of global warming.

shouldn't india stand up and take the leadership vacuum that should have been filled by america. shouldn't india stand up and say we are very concerned on global warming as our rivers, coastal regions, agriculture will get hit due to weather pattern changes and hence we are going solar, wind power, conservation, etc to cut down emissions.

instead our minister says that india is being pressurised in an unwanted way. he says india should convert from agriculture to manufacturing. oh right. manufacturing as in polluted chemical hubs of cuddalore, eloor, patacheru. oh yes we love that development of the poor and benefit of the rich.


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