Monday, December 03, 2007

when it comes to setting up new business or industry, we have heard of 'conducive environment', 'less bureaucratic environment', 'business friendly environment'.

now in india, for the first time we are hearing about 'peaceful environment' and 'peaceful industrialization'. and adding to this 'peacefulness', is the fake talk of development and jobs. yeah right. development of the south korean company and jobs as laborers and coolies for tribals whose land is being snatched in a brutal manner.

and the precise talk of 'peace' comes from none another than the giant of the chief minister the late biju patnaik. if the late chief minister was a dramatic personality, his son, the current chief minister is a mining personality. you show a land and he will propose it for mining, of course after talking 'peace' and evicting people by force. of course, the government is all for 'peace' after unleashing violence in first place.

funny is 'development' in india. with skewed growth coming at cost of majority of indians back, peace is indeed essential for the elite to become more elitist.

as a foot note, businessweek had a fancy story on orissa situation. the author and the magazine has no clue on the real situation in india and the fancy story ends on a fancy note. no wonder india's authorities are able to tom tom fake 'development' all over the world so easily.


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