Monday, November 26, 2007

we have seen repeatedly in this blog, about the communist party cpi(m) has been doubly dually dual in their dealing when it comes to development.

in their manifesto, in their day to day talk to their honorable cadres, in their breadth and talk and walk, they profess equality, democracy, welfare of the poor and marginalized, etc. but when it comes to real action they are in deep slumber as seen in bhopal issue, in narmada issue, in nandigram fiasco, in local issues where marginalized communities along with environment is taking a huge hit like athirapally dam issue, kali river pollution, sipcot cuddalore pollution disaster, in their double talk on nuclear deal, etc, etc. the list is virtually endless.

now their junior partner the cpi has feebly opposed the vedanta niyamgiri mining issue. in a statement its national secretary in a 'letter' has called for "parliamentary scrutiny into the recent environmental clearance granted to Vedanta Resources for bauxite mining in Orissa, at the “expense of tribal people, farmers and ecology of the Eastern Ghats.” "

except for the above strong quote which obviously calls for more co-ordinated pressure on the foreign educated manmohan singh and p.chidambaram government and the america returned orissa cm government (both of whom are pursuing reckless economic policies that abuse our environment and environment dependent people), there is deafening silence from both the not so communists parties.

in china, the communists have become closed eye capitalist long time back. in india, communists have come down one step with their eyes wide open. they are now brokers of capitalists who are ready to mortgage our ecosystem and marginalized communities.


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