Monday, November 19, 2007

india, people love to say, i a country of countries - a subcontinent.
india, historians love to say, is a complex one with various cultures.
india, as this blog says, is a simple 2 country within a single country. one country is made of tiny section of rich people supported by skewed policies benefiting rich businessmen and politicians turned middlemen and another country is made of massive number of marginalized people depending on crucial ecosystems.

greenpeace has bought up this story eloquently to tell the fake point that india points out when it comes to global warming. india tells others that their per capita emission is far less than developed countries and so we are not bound by any carbon emission norms as it will hurt 'development' (of the rich indians of course)

but greenpeace report points out clearly it is the rich india that is causing majority of emissions probably on par with developed countries and the penalty is being borne by poor india.

development, unless otherwise made sustainable, green and equal, is always the development of the rich.


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