Friday, November 16, 2007

seldom do we realize that as we 'develop', 'grow', 'shine', etc, each one of our action has an equal and opposite reaction.

and as urban india ups its ante on the need to get latest electronics gadgets, this reaction becomes more toxic in terms of e-waste generated.

ibnlive had a small writeup on this. the e-waste problem in india is huge and it is huge due to many reasons some of which are,

a. zero e-waste awareness amongst urban elite who dump their electronics in garbage at the earliest chance of introduction of new gadget models
b. zero effort from the crucial, sleeping and almost dead ministry of environment (and forests)-moef- on the e-waste issue, which is an huge issue even in developed countries.
c. import of e-waste has any policing, regulating or correction mechanisms.
d. the big multi mega crore computer companies need to be pressurized at each and every turn to replace toxic metals in their computers with non toxic ones.
e. zero implementation of strong e-waste policies
f. virtually very few registered electronics re-cycler's to do the e-waste recycling.

by making india more 'developed', our businessmen and politicians are killing our ecosystem and brutalizing the marginalized people. by making ourselves more 'developed' in an irresponsible and 'me centric, all others to hell' way, we are adding e-waste fuel to the fire.


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