Wednesday, November 14, 2007

yo chappell, howdy!!!
hellohhhh chappell, how are ya!!!
helloohhh there mate, how you doing!!!

it has been a while since greg chappell tried to fine tune the super star membered indian cricket team and got fired as expected as the result of that. in india, like political parties or movie scripts, you cannot short the super starts, can ya???

but this is not about chappell's departure from indian cricket team. but this is about his remarks on the assault that happened to him during his orissa visit.

he is saying now and i quote, "Although there was a suggestion at the time that the lack of local representation in the Indian team was the motive for the attack, Chappell was not so sure. "Indians are very quick to complain about racism," he said. "There are plenty of Indian cricketers the guy could have attacked but he chose to attack me."

and he further says and i quote, "As I said to the BCCI in a letter, had it been one of the players who was attacked there would have been an outcry, but because it was me no-one seemed to care. The reply came back talking about my racist comments.

so chappell is basically complaining (and that's his right) that he has been abused and he felt it was racist because of the tepid response from our bureaucratic clerk driven board of cricket control in india (bcci).

how lame chappell. how lame can it go. didn't you know before coming to india, that we dont care about hard working persons, that we dont care about people who are genuine, that we split on crucial things that is in india.

look straight, we can kick in the stomach and throw tens of lakhs of people like happened in narmada and still tell we are the great democracy in the world ; look side, we can burn 2000 people in gujarat and coolly tell we are the most tolerant society in the world ; look afar, we can cause the worst industrial disaster in bhopal and even after 2 decades we wont compensate the people who get affected ; look inside, our politicians and administrators who run the country are in the pocket books of bis business who have a field day in brutalizing the environment.

wake up mate.. a belated welcome to india..

if you want play like the folks who are playing the 'development' and 'growth' card pampering to the super star businessmen (and cricketers) you are welcome. if you want to make genuine changes that can sustain the indian team in long run so that the common man can enjoy his team winning against quality opposition, you are outta india mate.


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