Wednesday, October 31, 2007

lets see this familiar sequence.

1. a mega indian multinational (for long we have been telling american multinationals are out to conquer india!!!) announces a grand!! plan to start and 'develop' a remote but crucial rural area comprising of tens of thousands of marginalized people living on vital ecological pillars.

2. the central and state government turn into 'brokers of development' and start acquiring (of course by india's own technique of police threat, force, playing divisions in community, arrest, etc) land at dog's price

3. the land deal gets of to a slow start forcing the indian multinational to 'shift' to a more conducive place, of course for the 'development' of india.

4. the small farmers and people who lived in the lands for tens of decades are left wondering of their own fate at the merciless feet of the multinational and ruthless elected 'brokers'.

no i am not talking about zimbabawe. i am not also not talking of iraq and of course i am not talking of america at all. welcome to india. welcome to 'development'.

the story by environmentalist nity in corpwatch on tata's plan to 'develop' india via its tuticorin titanium plant is indeed stomach turning.

indeed most of tata's activity on their growth is abysmal coming at reckless need to make money and give returns to shareholders and propel sensex past 20000.

this kind of fake 'development' is indeed abysmal.


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