Monday, October 22, 2007

when it comes to perspective/policy/watchdog/guidance on development versus environment, fake development versus sustainable development, maniac polluting industrial growth versus agriculture there is no one political party that is as confused as our beloved comrade in arms (or shall we say confused comrade not in arms with the poor people)

and when it comes to calling correct shots, our confused communists of india are no better. look at the statement of the confusion chief of communist party of india mr.sitaram yechury when it comes to calling of bandh's of political party and i quote him below.

‘If not allowed, democratic rights will be reduced to a level of impotence’

Bandh is a legitimate political activity, and how can courts curb the right by declaring it as illegal, asked Sitaram Yechury, Polit Bureau Member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) here on Friday.

“Today there are two Indias in the making,” Mr. Yechury said, adding one was a shining India and the other a suffering India.

political parties, especially like the communists who should have been a correct watchdog on various things outlined in the first para, has unfortunately turned into political middlemen lobbying for industries including polluting chemical hubs (that has been kicked out of developed countries) that affects the very living environment of the marginalized people, wants to conduct bandh(s) so that 'democratic' rights can be sustained.

where are the communists when narmada dam is being bulldozed, where are they when the fake sethu project is being arrogantly pushed down the throats of local fishermen, where are they when athirapally dam is being smashed violating all rules of the land, where are the they when sipcot cuddalroe area is a virtual hell hole... there are tens of hundreds of cases like these across india and the communists are virtually absent. they are not only absent but in the 'other camp' pocketing nice rewards touting 'development'.

democratic rights for whom. democratic rights for politicians or democratic rights for people. democratic rights for the fake politics and fake development policies pursued by political parties. democratic rights to conduct a bandh that can paralyze the whole economy and affect daily wage earners and their families, democratic rights so violence can be let loose on innocent people....

it is time to call the bluff. the bluff called 'development' and the bluff called 'democratic rights' as is being touted by our communist not-in-arms comrades.

mr.sitaram yechury is right. there are only 2 india's. one india is the rich india and other india that supports/sustains/claps/enjoys the rich india. mr.sitaram yechury and his communist friends belong to the second case.


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