Friday, October 19, 2007

we all know that united states is actually 'united states of china' due to its 100% dependence on chinese products right from laptops onto construction materials onto cheap toxic toys :).

but on a serious note united states is fast becoming 'united states afraid of china'. how else would we describe iraqi war zero bush meeting with dalai lama. i am quoting a para from cbsnews below.

So as not to rub China’s nose in it, the President’s meeting is not listed on his public schedule today. The get-together was taking place behind closed doors in the White House residence. There’s no photo-op for the press, and unlike previous meetings, there’ll be no release of a White House photo, as was the case on November 9, 2005.

the head of a nation that has the world's most vibrant democracy, the very nation that was built on foundations of human freedom, respect and speech, the nation that is hope to many million immigrants, a nation that is an example of democracy meets dalai lama in a hush hush top secret manner.

and the reason is america (its president actually) does not want to antagonize china. and precisely for this type of short vision reason america now pays homage to dictatorship possible and acts supplicant to chinese even for normal things that can be done in open.

bravo democracy. bravo america. as the america (and the world) becomes more open, wireless and online, its heart becomes more closed, afraid and dark.


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