Wednesday, October 17, 2007

nothing can be said so simple when you say it very simple. on reading the interview of Gavin Edwards, Head of Climate and Energy Campaign, Greenpeace International, it is very simple to say no to nuclear power.

this blog has been telling the same thing all along in the hyped up india america nuclear deal. we don't need dangerous nuclear power plants that smashes coastal livelihoods apart from generating toxic radioactive waste to achieve energy sufficiency.

mandatory residential green buildings, renewable energy, conservation targets, mandatory solar power water heaters,systems for elite urban households, mandatory green buildings for industries and software companies, cutting down transmission and distribution losses from the current 30 to 40% to low single digits - many things like these can guarantee that india can achieve positive results in energy sufficiency.

and also it can spawn a new green industry that california is now spawning. only if india's policy makers, politicians and urban elite listen to the true situation on the ground with respect to environmental and marginalized communities most of policies can be forged ahead with a huge green paint so that it can be a win win for all.


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