Tuesday, October 09, 2007

after a slew of emotional statements on the sethu project, veteran administrator and CM karunanidhi came up with a much project focussed statement.

he mentions 2 points and i reproduce it below.
Referring to the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute being asked to establish techno-economic viability, Mr Karunanidhi [whose party was then in the Opposition in the State but part of the National Democratic Alliance Government at the Centre] had urged Mr. Vajpayee to expedite the study.

Expressing the hope that his statement would make the factual position clear, Mr. Karunanidhi said he intended to write further on the Sethusamudram project and issues that had arisen.

this blog has tracked the fake sethu project and it seems quite clear that this project is a financial, social, environmental and gulf of mannar biosphere ecological disaster.

perhaps either the tamilnadu CM does not know how the EIA has been abused for sethu project as pointed out downtoearth cover story or he is feigning ignorance. as for his idea to write up about more on the project, i do not know how one can support a fake project without supporting fake data.

fake projects, fake data and fake development - the entire thread tells the story of a mega disaster called sethu project.


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