Thursday, October 04, 2007

as tata cranks up its small car project and as 'developed sections of india' eagerly the arrival, no one is paying attention to the traffic congestion and pollution this one lakh rupees low cost car can bring.

cse india had a press release on it and had the following recommendations:
# Introduction of the next stage of emissions standards (equivalent of Euro IV)
# Prohibition on using diesel fuel in the personalised vehicle segment until the price difference on petrol and diesel is eliminated or narrowed significantly
# Enforcement of key safety regulations
# Introduction of a range of fiscal policies to correct distortions, including policies to force car owners to pay the full cost of using a car by revising road taxation and directions for compulsory introduction of parking charges based on real estate costs. These must also include the lowering of taxes for mass transit vehicles like buses.

one thing that is shocking is the small car is coming much before the euro IV will be in place which means 'hello pollution, please come'. this is a crucial failure on government bodies that okayed the technical specifications such a mass produced car. how can we leave our air choking amidst the flood of these small cars.

and the next thing is to make sure that the owners of these car pay the full cost of environmental parameters along with usage parameters as cse india mentions.

one thing is very clear. when this small car comes, our choking cities will become pollution hells with super choked roadways. development is indeed sweet.


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