Monday, October 01, 2007

when a crucial ministry (agriculture) is being handled by a powerful politician whose another passion is cricket, the end result will be clean bowled for all.

with agricultural sector in doldrum amidst shrinking acreage for food growth, the agricultural growth in low 1's and 2's of percentage points, when farmers are committing suicide due to mounting debt and losses, when rivers run as toxic sewages throwing thousands of farmers out of farming - our agriculture minister ought to play the correct game to mitigate these disasters.

but i guess our agriculture minister - sorry shall we call him cricket minister - nay cricket minister has no time to work on agricultural issues and hence he visits and watches the 20-20 cricket tournament, he presides over the winning ceremony in mumbai and showers our cricketers with money, whereas at the same time in his home state farmers are being thrashed by goons for asking for their dues from local sugarcane cooperative.

tragic is the way in which development of india is being pivoted. stomach churning is the way our cricket minister cum agriculture minister does not care about the vital issues in the crucial agriculture sector.


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