Tuesday, September 25, 2007

you have to trust kseb (kerala state electricity board) to make decisions that go in opposite direction to that what it is supposed to do.

kseb, we all know, is trusted with generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in kerala. as such the role of the board stops with that. it does not care how this electricity is being used by fancy apartments and malls, it perhaps does not care about trimming down the t&d losses, it is a laggard on renewable energy sources such as wind power, it is not mandating solar power systems and solar water heaters for upper middle class in urban areas, push software companies and others for green sustainable buildings and many more things that it can do to help in wastage of electricity and also proper usage of electricity.

that's why kseb is proposing again the pathrakadavu hydel for clearance so that a monster and fake dam can be built, of course on top of a fake environment impact assessment report done by a pet private eia agency.

already with the bulldozing for athirapally happening via fake environmental process, kseb wants another project in its hands so that it can tell how great kerala can benefit from the meagre 70mw projected electricity from silent valley national park on the already dying kunthi river.

only in kerala, will crucial ecosystems such as silent valley national park be treated worthless. ecosystems that have been formed millions of years ago are treated with such utter disdain and careless. only in india will policy makers, politicians and upper middle class bay for blood for their own 'development'.(silent valley national park in kerala with kunthi river flowing. very soon 'development' might destroy this crucial ecosystem.)


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