Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sometimes you have 'too much'. too much man, too much yaar, too much friend, too much >

but based on the west bengal CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee comments on india nuclear deal, even too much might not be too much.

let see what his opinions are as per hindu article. he says he has doubts on environmental issues vis-a-vis nuclear deal, he has doubts about cost of generating nuclear electricity and the price it can be supplied.

fair enough. he has doubts. like most of the people in the world, a leader also at times can have doubts and never mind that he can lead in clarifying them from trusted experts. but what is too much is that he has asked the corporate sector to clarify these apart from our scientists.

if you ask corporate sector to clarify anything, there will be no clarification. well the fact that there will be no clarification means there are no doubts in their minds that nuclear power is needed. because in cement, in iron and steel, in construction, in water supply, in perhaps displacing thousands of people to setup new plants (nuclear in this case), in doing fake EIA analysis, in bulldozing the environment - in all these facets there will be no clarification because as per them these are 'development'.

and the too-much communist of the not-so-communist party, he goes a step further saying india needs green power. nuclear power by any means is not green power and nuclear power by any means is not a environment friendly power. is he alluding to the nuclear industry in categorizing nuclear power as green power?

as per the honorable CM, " We just can’t avoid nuclear power". of course we can. there are many green ways to do it in all spheres right from policy, to implementation, to regulation. if only elected representatives like him listen to what the ngo's and non government energy experts, there are lot of ways in which we can not only avoid nuclear power but also become hugely green in the way we live and use our energy.

and the parting shot comes from him and i quote, "We Communists are not fools; we are realists and learn from changes taking place elsewhere in the world."

if the communists do not know where they stand with respect to the dangerous and west rejected nuclear power, they will be what the CM does not want them they to be.


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