Tuesday, September 11, 2007

there was a nice little writeup on the dhamra port issue of orissa in sanctuaryasia magazine. orissa, as you might be aware, is trying to be 'more developed' so that its forests, coasts, rivers, tribals, mountains etc can be bulldozed whereas steel, iron, bauxite, etc can be mined easily at will adding to gdp figure.

many reports have highlighted the fallacy of orissa 'development' efforts and this write up focuses on the proposed dhamra port in orissa.

ecological foot print of dhamra region looks very significant and more efforts should have been done to protect it and also there seems to be several alternatives to the dhamra port as given in the article.

none of these will matter to the america returned orissa chief minister who cares a damn about environment and people. all that matters to him and his officers are 'development'.


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