Monday, September 10, 2007

what happens when a communist-admirer turned entrepreneur meets a communist veteran.

in previous india, sparks will fly. now in modern india, they talk about employment. that's what happened when infosys chief, its ceo and kerala chief minister met together last week.

they talked about jobs and i guess hopefully they talked about how to harness the engineers from kerala to do innovative work in infosys in trivandrum, kochi and kozhikode. hopefully they talked about kerala with its amazing culture, beautiful coasts, stunning western ghats region can become another california in terms of software innovation. hopefully they talked so that millions of kerala youth who migrate can stay and contribute to kerala.

and hopefully the kerala chief minister also told that giving 1000 acres in trivandrum central is not possible (and also should not be done as it will convert a software major into a real estate major) and space in metros of kerala is at a premium and there is a big section of urban poor who also needs state support. hopefully kerala chief minister talked about infosys being a partner in real development versus a demanding corporate entity that wants everything irrespective of the cost.

with karnataka, tamilnadu and andhra forging ahead in software area, it is high time for kerala to kick in with its strength and tell the world that its moment, albeit late, has arrived.


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