Tuesday, September 04, 2007

well all know about zero. yes the same 0 that adds value to 1 to 9 numbers. the same zero that india supposedly invented. the same 0 that is crucial for mathematics.

we also know that when it comes to environmental policies, vision, guidelines, enforcements, violation tackling's, leadership india's policymakers and ministry of environment and forests (moef) score a virtual zero by their non performance. a zero which nobody can be proud of.

what has zero to do with this blog posting. it has to do because a study by ngo environment protection group based in orissa has evaluated the performance of mp's in parliament in past 3 years with respect to environment, protected areas, etc and found out that the performance of these elected officers are a virtual zero.

to quote from the study the zero is as zero as "Biodiversity or wildlife conservation related questions constitute only 0.86 percent."

well 0.86 is not actually zero and i beg your pardon. to tell that performance of mp's in parliament when it comes to keeping the committee's, ministries, policymakers of environment/forests is 'dismal' is the understatement of the decade.

i agree though on one thing. when fake development is all nice, real parameters of true development is all dismal and disheartening.


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