Thursday, August 30, 2007

after our communist friend and minister of electricity in kerala mr.a.k.balan asked for industry 'support' (and i think after the support, the awards and the rewards) for the proposed destructive athirapally hydel dam project, he went a step ahead and told that he will bomb the dam in case the dam causes water level to come down in the chalakudy river. reproducing his exact words,
“I am ready to join anyone to bomb the proposed Athirappilly dam if the water level (in Athirappilly) comes down,” he said.

there is no need to bomb the dam. instead of bombing, there are simple things our beloved minister can do. simple things such as
- doing a honest environmental impact assessment report
- analyzing the carrying capacity of the already heavily dammed chalakudy river
- listening to local marginalized people who will get slammed due to loss of tourism revenue and hit due to agricultural impact
- listening to environmentalists and river experts on the destructive impact given meager electricity the dam can produce
- listening to hundreds of families of endemic kadar tribals who will again be displaced by this brutal dam

well, if our planners and policy makers listened to simple things so much environmental destruction will not have happened and continue to happen in india. there is no need to 'bomb' anything to 'solve' a monster issue. for that we need to stop creating monster issues in name of fake development.


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