Thursday, August 23, 2007

some good news again from green point of view from the IT behemoth wipro. the company has been under tremendous pressure to cleanup in terms of personal computers components and recycling program, seems to be doing something smart when it comes to managing natural resources in their campuses.

from water recycling, to waste recycling to electricity reduction, as per the article, there are very good positive signs.

way to go wipro. now you seems to apply thought amidst your code factories. we need more of this from you because as leaders like you really lead, the rest will follow.

infact you can even go more green. with your huge staff, buildings, daily travel of your employees, office cafeteria's, there are huge scope of going green and also becoming profitable by it.

lead us onto that path. when you fail to do something more greener and if it is pointed out, like a true leader accept the fault, clean up and change into green.

for you going greener means our ecosystems will be safer, global warming much slower and you also can be more profitable. win-win for all.
(wipro, applying thought. will they apply much more greener thought and be a leader in that specturm vis-a-vis their business verticals. or is applying thought just to make money without caring about environment, global warming and other crucial parameters which gets impacted because of their business actions.)


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