Tuesday, August 14, 2007

what would 90,000 trees in a hilly area like uttranchal mean to 'development' of india.

well, if each tree costs around 30,000 rupees, then it is 270 crores to the 'development' of india. development of timber mafia, local officials who turn a blind eye, politicians who might be involved and finally to the rich and the elite of india who use wood products made out of these timber.

but for environmentalist, mr. jai prakash dabral, this fake development meant nothing. using his activism he was able to reduce the number of trees that was about to be felled from 90,000 to 10,000.

in the process he has saved the hills of uttranchal where these mindless sense of tree hacking was about to be committed. and mr.dabral who was a corporate executive has shown another angle wherein if you allow your own senses to triumph against greed, then even corporate india can do genuine development and not the polluted, SEZ-eased, land grabbing, massive dam mania based fake development.


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