Friday, August 10, 2007

***Please circulate widely amongst your office colleagues, friends and relatives***

Call Chief Secretary to Sikkim CM and Principal Secretary in Sikkim CM office urge them to act ASAP by taking positive steps on demands of the fasting protesters and Affected Citizens of Teesta (ACT)

Friends, it's past 50 days and as you wind down for the weekend, please spare a few minutes to directly reach the CM office of Sikkim and express, to the highest officers, your concern on the fasting protesters and urge them to speak to the protesters and ACT. Day by day as the Government dilly dallies on the genuine demands of the protesters in face of unprecedented dam mania, it can have detrimental effect on the fasting protesters.

If you have not done so already, please take up your mobile and call Sikkim CM office and ask for below officers.

1. Mr.N.D.Chingapa, Chief Secretary to the Sikkim CM @ 91-3592-202315/204323(Office); 91-3592-202554
2. Mr.R.S.Basnet, Principal Secretary to CM office at 91-(0)9434022582(Mobile)

I did the same thing and it took me only couple of minutes to express concern and ask the Govt to work in a more responsible manner. More calls are needed to make the Govt of Sikkim act. Please scroll down and you can find the talking points. For your reference they are also below. Also you can refer to Affected Citizens Of Teesta website.

1. Ask the the Sikkim Govt to act ASAP and talk directly to the protesters. This has to be done ASAP consider the situation of the fasting protesters Dawa and Tenzing who are going through fasting that is unprecedented in entire India.
2. Constitute the high level review committee (consisting of experts, tribals and local people) that the protesters are demanding in order to go through the length and breadth of the unprecedented dam mania that is being proposed in Sikkim and rest of North east.
3. The Govt should stop construction, planning, road laying on all the dams that is being planned in Sikkim and do a comprehensive carrying capacity apart from open, honest and participatory environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Remember, each and every call counts. If you have not called, please call asap. Each and every call is super important and will let know the officials that they should be 100% more responsible than what they are right now.


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