Tuesday, August 07, 2007

there was a very interesting release by greenpeace india on how electricity savings (by switching to CFL) will be useful in improving the energy situation of india.

they took a case study of the famous mysore palace and if the legendary palace switches to cfl, it will save a whopping 41 lakhs per annum in electricity costs apart from reducing their electricity consumption to just 1/3rd.

i think the mysore palace case study by greenpeace brings into light the stark reality that our buildings (most modern buildings and other older monuments which is lavishly lighted up) need to go green for the sake of preventing building of dirty coal plants in our pristine coastal areas, unsustainable dams across our lifeline rivers and also to curb the increasing threat of global warming.

this is a wonderful chance for mysore palace and karnataka government to put in place a CFL based system in mysore palace apart from also declaring non-light days in which tourists can just enjoy the palace with moon light or even dim lights.

development means that we work with nature and not against it. development means we live with nature and not against it. mysore palace case is a wonderful opportunity for that. will we?
(the legendary mysore palace being washed with lights. are we inviting global warming, dirty coal plants and unsustainable dams by adopting un-natural lavishness and un-natural building/lifestyles just for the heck of it?)


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