Thursday, August 02, 2007

the indomitable medha patkar is in news again. to put it correctly, the official machinery is making sure she is news agian by doing a slipshod work in the rehabilitation of villagers affected by narmada dam.

in a judgement supreme court had specified that land for land is one of the criteria for rehab of the people displaced by the monster of the SSP dam. but india being india, nothing has been done so far.

when medha went protesting in gandhian way, she got arrested and locked up. the shoddy rehab work done in narmada had been happening in many places before narmada and is continuing to happen even now.

when democracy and development joins hands it is worst than dictatorship. because in dictatorship atleast one individual can be pressurised but in demodevelopocracy, the entire political and policy machinery along with entire elite upper and upcoming middle class who is baying for blood of our ecosystems does not move even an inch in face of brutal assault on the environment and marginalised people.

all is fair in love, war and 'development'; fake projects, massive displacement, police firings, arrests, lockup's, curfew's included.


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