Tuesday, July 31, 2007

one of the trends for past several years, in name of development, is to make sure that the user group that will be 'benefited' by 'development' is cut off from the policies that determine the 'development'.

for instance, if environment impact notification is being propagated it will be open to industries, big business houses, world bank, etc but will be closed door for people's group, NGO's, etc.

one recent 'process' like this is the coastal zone management (czm) which is being planned to replace coastal regulation zone notification which has been in effect till 1991.

lot of industries, hotel lobbies, tourism giants, etc who want 'development' - of course their own development - wants this crucial act to be torn apart and the coast be opened for them so that they run amok with polluting industries, huge bungalows that cater to elite of india and the world - in name of tourism, cut off coastal access to traditional fishermen, communities, etc.

so a convenient way of formulating a new policy came into picture called czm and in this the very groups who are to be hit by czm are not even being part of in order to express their concerns/opinions/views etc.

so much for democracy in world's largest democracy, so much for development in whose name all these maniac things are being done.


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