Monday, July 23, 2007

the policy makers of india did something intesting over past couple of years.

they felt that north east india need to have more revenue and rest of india needs to be more developed. so they proposed a slew of hydel dam projects with the objective of generating tons of electricity.

the idea on paper looks good. electricity, sustainably generated benefiting local people and true development is most welcome. but our indian policy makers, true to their track record, started bulldozing local communities, enviornment and environmental laws to push the hydel dam projects.

one such dam project is in teesta river in sikkim. the affected people have started a blog and the ibn video gives the story.

looks like sikkim is being kicked and dragged into 'devlopment'. development for the rest of india, so that urban india can splurge and enjoy; destruction for the local tribals, people and environment of sikkim.

long live 'development', long die environment and people of sikkim.

(teesta river in sikkim. an amazing river vital to the ecology of sikkim, is now being targetted for hydel dams that comes bulldozing people and enviornmental laws).


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