Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nandagudi is perhaps karnataka nandigram. how else can we explain, karnataka government foray suddenly into bangalore's outer in name of 'development', 'SEZ', 'growth', when the great metro bangalore itself is choking and on verge of urban decay.

a whopping amount of land, nearly 7000 acres, is being planned to be 'acquired' for SEZ in this area. that too for the fancy new term called 'multi product', in which they plan to put all industries like electronics, chemicals, textiles under one massive roof in the forcibly acquired land.

SEZ concept itelf has huge issues and even china is tempering its SEZ and has not got more than a handful of SEZ. but india, like most development parameters, is forging ahead with each state competing against itself for fancy SEZ.

when development is the name of the game, SEZ is the name of the villian...


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