Monday, July 09, 2007

it is a known fact that various state government with active support from central government is proposing a slew of coal power plants, mainly in coastal areas and areas closer to forests and rivers with the obvious idea being the resulting massive pollution can be swept under the carpet (the sea or rivers in this case).

we had monitored tadadi coal power plant in this blog. close to this proposed power plant comes the proposed chamalapura thermal power project in Chamalapura village near mysore.

no wonder, once people living locally came to know about this project, they started protesting.

electricity is much needed in india. but the government and policy makers should take every step to conserve electricity, mandate and monitor strict green building codes, cut down on the massive transmission and electricity losses, make industry invest in captive renewable energy for themselves, push renewable energy at each and every household level.

these are tough choices but once swallowed will give long term return on investment in terms of lesser cost, cleaner environmental and healthier lifestyle. proposing and building coal power plants is the easiest one for the government and a destructive one for local people and environment.


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