Friday, June 29, 2007

we have documented in this blog, the proposed bauxite mining in vizag in andhra pradesh. this mining project will bastardize the entire environment and the people in name of generating 'wealth', 'jobs' and 'increased gdp'.

this blog posting is not about the effects of the mining which we are all well aware of. but below is a picture of a hill stream in proposed mining area. a picture can convey thousand words. how true!!!
which country would want to screw up pristine spots like this which provide life and livelihood to local people in name of development?

which country will trample its own environment and marginalised people and brutalise them in name of development.

which country destroys the very environmental laws that is there to give a balance between sustainability and development.


the answer to all of above will be india of course. where middle class, rich elite, policy owners and politicians are all chasing money without a iota of understanding of the crucial balance between sustainability and development.

welcome to india, incredible india or perhaps incredibly self destructive india!!!!