Friday, June 22, 2007

next time if you see a tamilian who complains about water what will you sing.

water, water no more
because all our waters died
died, died and died
our rivers are dead
dead, dead and dead
because we dont care

as tamilnadu fights everyday for water from karnataka, from its rural areas, for its urban areas, etc, one thing that is certain. their own rivers are dying a mighty death and nobody cares. not the politicians, not the IT guy, not the policy makers, not the urban wallah and not the common people.

when it comes to water though, everybody sits up. because all tamilians want water. but dont ask them where it will come from. because they have no clue and they have no answer and oh yeah they dont care.

so only you have policy makers of tamilnadu talking coolly about river linking in south india (and india) for political purpose and killing their own rivers like bhavani.

let's look at the plight of river bhavani in below 2 para's. if this is the state of river bhavani, i am afraid to say, tamilians don't deserve water.

Along the track, bordering the river, the residents and shopkeepers have dumped garbage, which has almost everything in it from hen feathers to rotten jack fruit to lorry spare parts.
Not to be mentioned are human wastes. For 100 m or so the waste lines, the track and the entire area stinks.

(the sad state of river bhavani with massive effulents, sewage, garbage dump, etc. not a pretty way to manage water starved tamilnadu)