Thursday, June 21, 2007

the already abused, misused and 'developed', coastal regulation zone (crz) act is facing more assault. the government via its swaminathan committee report is proposing something called coastal management zone (cmz) law.

c'mon. we all know it. don't we. the idea is to rip upon the coast, diluting the 500 meter no-development from coast law, allowing new ports bypassing eia and public hearings, allowing for massive hotel resorts near the coast, massive aqua farms on top of the already illegal aqua farms, land reclamation for various 'development' purpose thereby cutting of the coast to poor fishermen and in process destroying the coast by waste, sewage and what not....

rightly various fishermen and environmental community has protested this cmz law. development of the coast, is not development if it goes the corporate way. but as sunita narain puts it when ratan tata wants manmohan to be accountable for 'development', development is indeed 'corporatement'. a ment wherein a few in the corporates make big bucks at the cost of law, rules, environment and poor people.

(lovely and stunning cherai beach of god's own country. coastal areas of india are like a jewel and needs to be protected and sustained for the benefit of tourism and local communities that depend on the sea for their livelihood)