Wednesday, June 13, 2007

a small news report on endosulfan echoed loud though. endosulfan is an unmitigated tragedy of how pesticide use has been abused in india and how companies that make and sell toxic pesticide make a killing at cost of innocent villagers lives.

the hindu news report although allocating only a couple of lines shows clearly that endosulfan is a festering problem in kasargod district of kerala along with spreading its tentacles illegally in neighbouring states.

one thing that is certain when corporations runs the developmental model in unrestrained or poorly regulated manner, the end disaster is faced by poor rural indians and the benefits fully goes to the corporations.

endosulfan issue of kasargod, kerala, is a continuing example of how lax india has been in monitoring the dangerous cocktails of pesticides that circulate throughout india.

(Eight-month-old Sainaba suffers from hydocephalus. A minimum of a dozen Kasaragod villages have thousands of poor villagers of all age groups suffering from various incurable ailments as a result of endosulfan spraying on cashew plantations)