Monday, June 18, 2007

this blog has been attempting to cover the proposed india-america nuclear deal on a small scale basis. but i guess, this deal -one of the biggest tragedies that can face marginalised communities, poor fishermen, coastal hamlets, etc- got to get a bad publicity big time, so that electricity and fake development crazy urban india, realize the dangers of this dangerous development.

in a illuminating article in tehelka, praful bidwai and mv ramana has written a very easy to understand story on the disaster, lies, deception, cheating, etc that is unfolding in koodamkulam in name of fake development.

so far india's development is toxic, polluting, destructive, displacing, etc to millions and millions of people. with more nuclear plants on the anvil, thanks to the short sighted policy of 2 greatest democracies india and america, india's development is poised to take a dangerous turn.

(the proposed nuclear reactor in koodamkulam. with more such plants on coastal areas, india is posed for a toxic and radioactive path which the western countries have increasingly shunned. picture courtesy hindu.)