Sunday, June 17, 2007

let's take a small case of how western countries care for their environment.

let's take the golden state, the land of the opportunity, the land of the free, the land of the brilliant silicon valley and dazzling and dreamy hollywood.

mercury news ran a news story on the 'disaster called development' happening in china. i reproduce couple of lines from the story.

when the autocratic china does not care a hoot about its environment which is posing direct threat to hundreds of millions of its own citizens, in distant california, the people/policy makers/politicians etc are already concerned from pollution angle and global warming angle.

China's pollution drift is "not an immediate major concern" in terms of public health for the state's major cities, he said, because California's coastal areas are protected on most days by the so-called marine layer of air, which acts as a shield against pollution at higher altitudes. But VanCuren said the state is now closely tracking the pollution from Asia because "it will drive up the cost of air pollution control."

california with its brilliant coastline, mesmerizing redwoods, amazing rivers is a state that is in the firing line of global warming and china's pollution. and california is concerned. this, is what i call, environmental sensitivity juxtaposed with true development. this is what india needs to follow.

let's cut to shreds the crap talk telling environmental balance will affect 'development. yeah, environmental balance will affect the 'development' of the rich, but not the true development of the poor.