Friday, June 15, 2007

what this blog tells, the villagers of india tell; what this blog stands for, the villagers of india stand for; what this blog advocates, the marginalised people of india advocate.

the mantra should be: no destruction of environment in name of fake 'development'. using the recently passed rti act, villagers of tamilnadu are clearly seeing they will displaced, brutalised and finally slapped with wilful pollution by textile units.

2 lines from the report is illuminating:
The villagers wanted the Government to not ‘throw red carpet’ to industrialists at the cost of ‘destroying the livelihood and lives’ of villagers.

textile units, we all know, will create hell in the places where they are located. whether it is hell or sustainable development, that is question facing india.

the choice is in front of us to make a cleaner, greener future for our children. increasingly the choice is being abused by a section of urban india in name of fake 'development'.