Monday, June 18, 2007

what's the link between cricket, sunil gavaskar, industrialists/policy makers and development.

let's see cricket and gavaskar first. cricket is a religion in india. let there be no questions on that. we all agree. sunil gavaskar was/is a great test batsman. we all agree. we should also note that gavaskar was HUGE failure in one day cricket.

but the time has changed and now cricket as played by srilanka, australia, south africa (and probably by upcoming teams such as ireland) is fast, furious and very competitive.

now gavaskar, in his past several years with bcci, has held important posts in various capacities as consultant, administrator, selector, etc.

but for a small patch during wright/ganguly era, india's cricket has hit downhill. no vibrant local cricket, no new ideas to encourage fresh talent, no back turning batsman, a dad's army now in full control of massive politics in indian team, etc - are some of the ills plaguing india's cricket.

with gavaskar, India's cricket has sunk into deep depths. Bedi calls correctly, gavaskar as a power without accountability.

now let's take a look at our industrialists. with india splurging on industries based on chemicals, textiles, leather, granites, steel&iron, sponge iron, mining, etc - all red tag industries, india industrialists, like gavaskar are running amok with power without accountability.

power without accountability for environment, local communities and environmental laws and regulations.

indeed india's cricket is proceeding on fake growth, a growth driven by autocrats and manipulators like gavaskar, just like the brutal industrialists who twist everything in order to achieve what they want at the cost of environment and people.