Friday, June 29, 2007

water, in india, is a huge issue. water for spoiled urbanites in india is a huge issue for the ecology of entire india. as all urban waterbodies of india turn into sewage and filth, for urban india it is the story of water, water everywhere but no water to drink. forget drinking you cannot even see the gory sight of urban water bodies in india.

now the beleaguered officers of bangalore is thinking of implementing water rationing. this is a very needed move. people in urban india think water is their birth right, when the fact that they abuse it at every turn in terms of wastage of water, zero rain water harvesting structures, ill planned development, maniac high rises coming up without any EIA to understand the environmental impact...the list can be endless.

when it comes to development, careful usage of resources is a must and when india's villages do not even have basic support in terms of water from the 'development' oriented government, whip must be cracked on the elite urbanities so that they spend water in a judicious manner.

in name of development, wastage of resources should be the first vagabond that needs to be nailed down. the sooner this nailing is done, the sooner it will be for the sustainable development of india.